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your obstacles


I am here to help you become the best version of yourself, so you can lead a fulfilling life, run a successful business, and become that empowered, balanced, happy woman!

Are you a female entrepreneur who recognizes the potential for greater fulfillment in life but feels uncertain about the path to transformation and where to begin?


I'm here to help you in your journey towards personal growth, as it not only has a profound positive impact on your business but also enables you to thrive as a well-rounded and contented individual.

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Do you resonate with this:


You're a go-getter in your business, full of dreams and talents, but sometimes, you doubt yourself a lot. The fear of standing out and being noticed, along with constant worry, holds you back. You often feel like you're not good enough and struggle with trying to be perfect all the time. Comparing yourself to others, whether they're men or women, makes it hard for you to take even small steps forward.

You feel like people are watching and criticizing everything you do. The pressure to fit in and be like everyone else makes it tough for you to show your true abilities. Plus, you carry guilt - guilt for not being there enough for your kids, guilt for not spending as much time on your job or business as you think you should, and guilt for wanting to be with your family when work is on your mind.

This constant struggle leaves you frustrated, feeling like you're not making progress, and like there's an invisible barrier stopping you from reaching your goals. It's not just in your head; it affects your body too. You're always tired and find it hard to concentrate. You end up putting things off, feeling stuck and not able to move forward because you're scared of failing and even scared of succeeding. You feel very lonely because it seems like no one understands what you're going through.

As you read the story above, you might relate to the journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Over time, female entrepreneurs often find themselves facing a unique set of challenges that can take a toll on their emotional (and business) well-being.

The real problem lies in the cumulative impact of these experiences on your happiness and overall life satisfaction.

You need to understand these challenges in order to overcome them

In my program I provide guidance on how to overcome them, empowering you to reclaim your sense of self and build a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Fear of Standing Out


The idea alone; being the center of attention, standing in the spotlight, is something you would rather avoid. You feel all eyes are on you, so there is a risk of failure. Not only does it feel uncomfortable, you become so nervous that you are creating a self fulfilling prophecy. Every time adds to an increase of your insecurity. Logically, you know that you have the qualities, skills, and knowledge needed for your job or a certain task in particular, but you still doubt yourself. Deep down, you are afraid to fail and that is why you are not going full in.

Persistent Anxiety


Anxiety is like a constant worry that follows you everywhere. It can make simple things seem really hard, and it might even keep you awake at night, making you feel tired and not your best. How come others do sports, go out, meet with friends, have family Q-time and you don’t have the energy to start moving? Your brain is working overtime, analysing, second-guessing, doubting; it keeps going around in circles. It is draining.

Struggling with Self-Worth


Feeling like you're not good enough is tough. It can eat away at your confidence and make you doubt your abilities. This can lead to a lot of negativity in both your personal and business life. If only you could believe in yourself and see your value, you wouldn’t depend on other people’s opinions that much. You would have a strong foundation and the confidence to follow your own course; feedback or compliments would be a welcome addition only.

The Perfectionism Trap


You want to give your all, but this little voice inside your head is telling you that this is still not good enough. You can do better, you have to do better. You are often comparing yourself with others and believing they are always a step ahead of you. You give up before you even started because you feel you can’t live up to the expectations anyway. You have certain tasks, projects, or presentations to be done, but you are hoping for a good excuse not to do it, at least not yet. You are already blaming yourself for falling short and being lazy. You strive for perfection, and that is the real reason behind your procrastination.

The Comparison Game

Comparing yourself to others, whether they're coworkers or rivals, can be disheartening. It makes you feel like you're not as good as them and can stop you from seeing your own strengths and achievements. This habit of comparing can cast a shadow on your self-esteem and potential, making you feel like you'll never measure up to those around you. You might dwell on their accomplishments, their skills, and their apparent success, all while doubting your own worth and abilities.

Feeling Unprepared and Stuck


You work hard, there are opportunities to grow and develop further, but it seems impossible to get there. Deep down, you are your own saboteur who prevents you from shattering that glass ceiling. Feeling unprepared for the next step or bigger opportunities can be super frustrating. It's like being stuck in one place while your dreams feel just out of reach, making you feel unhappy and unsatisfied.

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"The core solution is to break free from these patterns, regain control over your life, and find the support and guidance to do so."


Imagine that new future

that awaits you...


The good news is that your path doesn't end here—it's just the beginning of something incredible. By working with me and joining my 1:1 program, you can expect a transformation that leads to a brighter and more fulfilling future.


Instead of..


❌  You're overthinking which is causing indecision and heightened stress, often feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

❌ Your outlook is predominantly pessimistic, struggling to see opportunities in challenges, reducing creativity and problem-solving abilities, facing adversity with doubt and frustration.

❌ You've lost your passion for life, resulting in low energy and motivation, struggling to find enthusiasm in your daily tasks.

❌ Your life is filled with stress and turmoil, negatively impacting your physical and mental health, resulting in physical ailments and emotional distress.

❌ Happiness often eludes you, and you fail to appreciate life's little joys, decreasing overall well-being and life satisfaction, often feeling discontented and unfulfilled.

❌ Juggling the demands of your personal life with the responsibilities of your business can feel like a constant struggle. It's like trying to keep two spinning plates in the air without letting either one drop.

❌ Constantly comparing yourself to others causes low self-acceptance and self-esteem, leading to struggles with self-doubt and a negative self-image.

❌ You're relentlessly pursuing perfection, increasing stress and stifling productivity, causing you to be constantly stressed and unproductive.

❌ Juggling the demands of your personal life with the responsibilities of your business can feel like a constant struggle. It's like trying to keep two spinning plates in the air without letting either one drop.

You'll experience..


✨  Stop overthinking and discover peace of mind. This will enhance your decision-making and reduce stress.

✨ Cultivate an optimistic perspective, seeing opportunities even in challenges, thus enhancing creativity and problem-solving skills, so you can tackle obstacles with confidence and innovation.

✨ Rediscover your passion for life, boosting energy and motivation, so you can approach your daily tasks with enthusiasm and determination.

✨ Find tranquility and reduce stress, improving both physical and mental health, so you can enjoy a healthier and more serene lifestyle.

✨ Experience genuine happiness and savor life's simple pleasures, increasing overall well-being and life satisfaction, so you can relish the joys of everyday living.

✨ Achieve a balanced life approach, enhancing time management and work-life balance, so you can efficiently manage your responsibilities while still enjoying personal time.

✨ Liberate yourself from the constant comparison with others, leading to improved self-acceptance and self-esteem, so you can embrace your uniqueness and strengths.

✨ Embrace the concept of being "good enough" instead of striving for perfection, boosting productivity and reducing perfectionism, so you can accomplish more without the pressure of unattainable standards.

✨ Just like a skilled juggler who keeps multiple plates spinning, you are great at managing both your personal life and your business effectively, leading to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Benefits of working with me...


Clear expectations


Often we are not aware of the expectations we have of ourselves and of others, besides, we assume a lot when it comes to the expectations others have of us. Working with me, offers you clarity. Because we don’t touch the surface only, you become more aware of your motivators, desires, and challenges. You learn how to check your assumptions and have that conversation that you were (consciously or onconsciously) avoiding.

Peace of Mind


We all know what it’s like to have this ongoing thoughts, comments, and criticism in our head. Can you imagine a calm mind: no longer overthinking everything, or bringing yourself down with negative self-talk? It is possible! No more inner saboteurs holding you back, but instead becoming your own best motivator.




Choose to focus on the positives instead of the negatives. Sounds easier said than done? When we work together, we identify your beliefs. We address the ones that are limiting you and as a result you will look at yourself and your situation from a completely new perspective. Coming from a place of trust and belief in yourself, you will automatically see the world with different eyes.

Seeing opportunities


When you are in a place of self-doubt and overwhelm it is hard to see opportunities. You are more likely to think of them as a potential risk or danger. What if you become self-confident and passionate? What if you find your purpose and self-worth? The whole world becomes your playground. Together we restore your belief in you, ignite the flame and discover that nothing is gonna stop you now!

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Embrace Your Transformation


Discover the remarkable shifts you'll experience through my program. As you journey toward personal growth, you'll navigate a landscape of emotions, leaving behind self-doubt and opening the door to a world filled with peace, happiness, better relationships, and so much more. Let's explore the emotional transformation that awaits you.

✅ Inner Peace and Happiness: No more overthinking and self-doubt; your inner critic is silenced, and you trust yourself, leading to a calm mind. You can be your authentic self, discover your passions, and regain your joy, resulting in spontaneous smiles.

 Improved Relationships: Learn how to communicate better, which will strengthen your bonds with your children, partner, friends, and family. It will also result in more fulfilling relationships.

Relaxation and Self-Acceptance: You no longer stress about everything; you're comfortable taking "me-time" and saying, "it is what it is." You release the need for perfection, understanding that you are worthy as you are.

Enthusiasm and Gratitude: Your passions are reignited, providing the energy and drive to move forward. Focusing on the positives leads to an increased sense of gratitude.

Perspective and Balance: You replace fear with wisdom, enabling you to see things in a more balanced and rational light. Making choices aligned with your values creates a balanced life with respect for your boundaries.

No Comparison and Reduced Worries: With a strong sense of self-worth, you no longer seek external validation. You wonder why you were once so bothered by issues that no longer affect you.

Patience and Control: Reduced stress allows you to be more patient, even in challenging situations. You reclaim the driver's seat in your life, making things happen for you, not to you.

Learning State and Letting Go: You embrace a growth mindset, viewing mistakes as valuable learning experiences. Negative emotions no longer linger for extended periods, and you regain control.


Why does Creatrix® work so effectively?

Creatrix® helps you let go of blockages, negative emotions, and obstructive thoughts quickly, painlessly and permanently.


It is an effective and advanced visualization method that connects reason, feeling, and intuition.


Stuck emotions are transformed forever in the subconscious.


The Creatrix® transformation program has been specifically developed for the female brain. It is therefore very suitable for (ambitious) women who no longer want to be hindered by insecurities, fears, doubts, and other obstacles.


Due to the profound transformative effect of the process, you replace your negative baggage with your own positive life lessons. You don't have to dig into your past or relive bad memories. All you have to do is completely surrender to the process and give it 100%. Creatrix® is fun, fast, simple, and completely painless. And yet extremely effective with lasting results; you will immediately think, feel, and act differently!


Have you tried everything to permanently get rid of blockages and limiting beliefs?


 has been specially developed by and for women and is fully tailored to the functioning of the women's brain, heart, and body. Most methods are suitable for men and because women are fundamentally different, these methods do not work, insufficiently or only for a short time.

 works holistically and is complete; connects and aligns head, heart and gut on a deep subconscious level.


 works based on epigenetics. It has been scientifically proven that you inherit genes, emotions, and experiences from your ancestors. Creatrix® effectively addresses all your issues from the root, including inherited traumas experienced in previous generations.


✨ is safe: you don't have to dig into the past and relive painful events.


 is personal and unique. Advice and solutions from others are not specific enough for your (sub)conscious to stick. Creatrix® works on your deep subconscious so that the advice from your deep inner knowing, bubbles up automatically. Your deep inner wisdom knows the advice and words that only suit you. And these work best for you!


✨ transforms and reprograms deeply stuck negative emotions in the subconscious. With Creatrix® you replace your negative baggage with helping thoughts and your own positive life lessons. Blockages disappear and you get lasting solutions in return.


This makes Creatrix® unique in the world. No other method unites all these facets in one complete program like Creatrix® does. 

Creatrix® Transformation Program consists of 3 resets


You have the option of doing them all which provides you with a full breakthrough, or you can opt for 1 reset or a combination of 2 of the following:



For women who struggle with self-worth and who are concerned a lot about what others think of them. Women who feel unheard or unseen and find it hard to stand up for themselves.


This reset offers you a self-confidence boost, and an inner journey to explore who you are and what gives meaning to you.


Emotion-Regulation Reset

For women who over-emotionalize and feel overwhelmed. For the ones who try to keep it all in and feel that they are not in control. They react, get frustrated and angry, or can burst out in tears. Often they feel guilty afterward.


This reset will bring you more balance. You won’t take everything personally anymore and you can see things in perspective.


Stress Response Reset

For women who feel that they are constantly alert, who are easily startled and unsettled. For women who are fearful, experience stress, and might have experienced traumas.


You will experience a calm mind and body. Stress won’t be ruling your life anymore. Enjoy being more relaxed! 

Who this program is not for...

This program may not be the right fit for women who consistently see themselves as victims, believing that everything happens to them. It's not suitable for those who tend to blame external circumstances and other people for their situation but are unwilling to take action to make positive changes.


I am are here to support those ready to embrace personal growth and transformation, actively participating in their journey towards empowerment, balance, and happiness.

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Let me introduce myself...

My name is Inge Van Eijk Karabulut

When you want to work together, it is good to know a bit more about me. I am a coach, but not an ordinary one. I work exclusively with women. Helping you to become a self-confident, happy woman who takes charge of her life, is my passion.


My career started in the area of psychiatry where I worked for almost 18 years. During this period, expertise development had a significant role. I did many courses, received multiple certificates and at the same time obtained my coaching training. As a qualified coach, I applied for the job of team coach within the company, and for several years that fulfilled me. 


In 2016, I decided to start my own coaching practice. 

I qualified for NLP Practitioner and Master and in the same year I started with the UN-Institute Of Women and became a Creatrix Facilitator and Woman’s Transformologist. I realized that for deep and long-lasting transformation, the techniques and tools I learned before, were not successful enough. Working with women, meant a different approach.


To continue my job as a Transformologist, I have to renew my license yearly. This is to make sure I can give my best to you as my client. I believe that my program offers you the missing piece to get your desired outcome. Not only have I witnessed that, time after time, with my clients, I experienced it myself as well. 


My life has changed for the better and if that works for me, I’m sure it will be the same for you!

Let's talk?

FT-2-foto (1).png


‘I got the privilege of finding my inner strength and wisdom, which brought to life a more powerful, less fearful Floor. " 

I’ve been through a very interesting process of Creatrix® with Inge. Although I was generally very happy about my life, I was bothered and held back by issues that got triggered in certain situations. As they were keeping me from doing what I actually wanted to do and being who I wanted to be, I decided to start my process with Inge. After a few sessions on determining which blockages and issues to tackle, we worked together with the interesting interventions of Creatrix®. It was as if making a journey through time and generations. Through it, I got the privilege of finding my inner strength and wisdom, which brought to life a more powerful, less fearful Floor, who loves more freely and unconditionally and who trusts her own gut and skills to further develop her career. Inge has been a very trustworthy, thoroughly working, but most of all warm coach and a safe haven in my journey with Creatrix®.

It all sounds a bit like magic, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what it brought me!

Discovey Call

Schedule your Discovery Call

Who is this call suitable for?

If you are a woman, who is aware that something needs to change and you are willing to take the necessary action, then this call is a great start for you.


In this 45-minute call, you will discover whether we click. Good chemistry is essential for a fruitful coaching trajectory and a successful outcome.


I will explain how I work and we will look at the topics you feel challenged in. Depending on your needs, I will advise you on the best way forward. 


You can book your appointment directly in my agenda. Please pick the date and time that work for you. In case you can not find a suitable time, let me know and I will check other options.


See you soon! 


With Love, Inge

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