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Hi, my name is Inge Van Eijk Karabulut

When you want to work together, it is good to know a bit more about me. I am a coach, but not an ordinary one. I work exclusively with women. Helping you to become a self-confident, happy woman who takes charge of her life, is my passion.


My career started in the area of psychiatry where I worked for almost 18 years. During this period, expertise development had a significant role. I did many courses, received multiple certificates and at the same time obtained my coaching training. As a qualified coach, I applied for the job of team coach within the company, and for several years that fulfilled me. 


In 2016, I decided to start my own coaching practice. 

I qualified for NLP Practitioner and Master and in the same year I started with the UN-Institute Of Women and became a Creatrix® Facilitator and Woman’s Transformologist®. I realized that for deep and long-lasting transformation, the techniques and tools I learned before, were not successful enough. Working with women, meant a different approach.


To continue my job as a Transformologist, I have to renew my license yearly. This is to make sure I can give my best to you as my client. I believe that my program offers you the missing piece to get your desired outcome. Not only have I witnessed that, time after time, with my clients, I experienced it myself as well. 


My life has changed for the better and if that works for me, I’m sure it will be the same for you!

Current situation

We are a family of five, or 6, if we count our furry family member as well ;-) Some interesting facts about us: we are a multi-national, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual family. My roots are in The Netherlands, 2007 I got married to my Turkish husband and we settled in Belgium where our children were born.

Being surrounded by testosterone, I am a full-on boys' mom with three sons: Levi (born in 2009), Jiro (born in 2011) and Joy (born in 2012).

In 2018 we began our expat adventure in Ghana. People around me declared me insane for moving to a new continent without ever having set foot on it before. I honestly don’t know, if it wasn’t for Creatrix®, would I have been so relaxed about it, haha.

Our start was ‘bumpy’, but the belief that we would grow stronger as individuals and as a family, helped us to get through those challenging months.

Since the Summer of 2023, we have been living in Dubai. It feels like a 180-degree turnaround. Adjusting takes time, as we know, so we take it step by step. Already a lot to love about our current life even though I miss Ghana and the lovely people we met. Time to further explore our new host country!


I am very enthusiastic about the smooth process registering Mothers&Others here in the UAE and I’m looking forward to starting to work with you!

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