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your obstacles


and unlock a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Hey you,
Powerful woman..

Imagine a life where you easily overcome problems and where you have lots of energy and excitement. Think about having strong, happy connections with your loved ones, without feeling bad. Picture managing your duties well and feeling proud of your efforts. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

But you might be stuck in a cycle of constant frustration and disappointment...

Are you tired and annoyed? Do you often get upset when you talk to your loved ones, and then you feel guilty about it? Are your responsibilities making you feel overwhelmed like they're about to collapse on you? Does your day feel like a never-ending struggle, with the feeling that you're working hard but not getting good results? Is your life missing the things that give it meaning, peace, and happiness, leaving you with an empty feeling that you can't ignore?


I'm here to help you. Let's create a better future.


Picture your days filled with meaning, moments of joy, and gratitude. Your heart is the driver, and your mind is calmly in the backseat. I’m here to guide you on this journey of change, giving you the power to live a life with unlimited possibilities and happiness.


Inge van Eijk



I'm not your average coach. My mission is to empower women to reclaim their strength. 

Before embarking on my coaching journey, I spent years in the mental health sector, finding great fulfillment in supporting the growth of others. Yet, I yearned to dive deeper. The dream of establishing my own coaching company had always lingered, and a few years ago, I finally took the leap.

I had already pursued numerous courses and training sessions, but I craved more. Adding NLP Practitioner and NLP Master to my skill set was a significant step, but I still felt like there was a missing piece. It all fell into place when I discovered Creatrix®. I immediately sensed that this training would make a difference, not only for me but for countless women!

Since launching Mothers&Others, I've had the privilege of helping many women journey through life with unwavering self-assurance. They've become more conscious of their choices and now lead happier lives. What's even more beautiful is that my work extends its positive influence to their families, partners, and children, who reap the benefits as well.

In essence, I have the most rewarding job in the world.

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How can I help you?


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How would it feel if you could..

• Boldly set your boundaries (without feeling guilty), so you're not constantly walking on eggshells.

• Have unwavering self-confidence, without the need to constantly worry about what others think or say.

Cultivate patience, allowing you to respond calmly to your partner and children (even when everything seems to go wrong).

Embrace a more light-hearted perspective, finding humor in situations rather than getting worked up about them.

• Discover that "simply good" is indeed good enough, and you can let go of the pursuit of perfection.

• Experience heightened energy, joy, and happiness in yourself!

Let's talk!


Why does Creatrix® work so effectively?

Creatrix® helps you let go of blockages, negative emotions, and obstructive thoughts quickly, painlessly and permanently.


It is an effective and advanced visualization method that connects reason, feeling, and intuition.


Stuck emotions are transformed forever in the subconscious.


The Creatrix® transformation program has been specifically developed for the female brain. It is therefore very suitable for (ambitious) women who no longer want to be hindered by insecurities, fears, doubts, and other obstacles.


Due to the profound transformative effect of the process, you replace your negative baggage with your own positive life lessons. You don't have to dig into your past or relive bad memories. All you have to do is completely surrender to the process and give it 100%. Creatrix® is fun, fast, simple, and completely painless. And yet extremely effective with lasting results; you will immediately think, feel, and act differently!

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